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Ian Watson painter, sculptor, papermaker 

Yvonne Watson Textile artist, papermaker

Sheena Rosser Photographer

Margaret Morley Painter 

Les Parrott  Pottery, Ceramics and Printmaker

Carla Hedstrand artist and illustrator

Patricia Ogundero Painter, Mixed media

Nisha Chadha Textile artist

Joao Jose Photographer and 

               Graphic Designer

Lisa Enright Painter

Ruth Karnac Textile artist, Jeweller

Felicia Moran Painter

Barbara George Mixed media artist

Joyce Carpenter Painter

Marty Berg Digital Painting (photo montages and artistic effects)

Captain Colourblind  Surrealist Artist

Christine Hale  Painter and illustrator

Dagmar Thomson Painter

Magdalena Wojciechowska  Painter, Graphic Designer and Textiles artist

Chico Kidd  Graphic Designer, illustrator, photographer, painter

Christine Rodrigues Mixed media artist

Pete Wane Painter, graphic designer and illustrator

Alan Judge Multimedia artist

Sue Varley Ceramics        

Elizabeth Hardman  Painter, photographer, printmaker and mixed media artist

Chiamaka Ezeani Painter, illustrator, mixed media artist

Naji Mehr Painter and Textiles Artist

John Verity Painter 


Emma Cooper Painter and mixed media artist

Susan Moin Namini Painter, Computer and Multi-Media Artist
Mick May Artist and Picture framer Richard Wilde Painter
Simon Roulstone Illustrator Sahar Imran Painter, mixed media artist
Andrew Fordham Web page under construction Linda Clarke Mixed media artist and Dancer 
Andrew Fordham Web page under construction Shiralee Lawrence Painter, Ceramics and Mixed Media artist