Patricia Ogundero

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Patricia Ogundero Painter, mixed media artist

My Paintings reflect my mind and nature transformed into a new creation. 
I love distorting and finding new ways of expressing various subjects thus I am constantly experimenting. I have been painting since 1987 when I graduated from the university with a Second class honours upper division in painting; took part in different exhibitions and had my first solo Exhibition in Nov 1994. I have done several commissioned works and portrait paintings including life sized portraits. Slowed down for 10 years to do other things including working with homeless people with support needs, did Art with children in school and People with support needs. I have just started again this January 2006 as a full time Artist
I am happy to undertake commissions.


Commissions accepted, workshops offered, work with children/schools and special needs groups.

Contact details   

email:  here       website

Telephone:  07719013885

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing work or would like a quotation for other work.



                                             Mumís roses 1                                                      

                                    Oil pastel on paper                                              
                  16 inches by 20 inches                              


                                                                     Mumís Roses 2                                                                      Roses                                                              
                                                      Oil on canvas                                                                                                                                                   
27 inches by 19 inches                                    240cm x 56cm                                                                 
                                               Not for sale                                                                                                                       


Oil on canvas

19 inches by 23 inches

Not for sale

                                                Animal Kingdom                                             Couples                                           
                                   Oil on canvas                                          Oil on canvas                                  
                                     39cm x 29cm                                      SOLD - print available  


A crying World                             Adam and Eve                                  Animal Kingdom 3    
85cm x 74 cm                       SOLD - print available                                                          


            Dreamer                              Mother & Child                                     Lilly pads                   
43cm x 86cm                      Sold - print available                               44cm x 34 cm      





My Flower Pot                              Red Pot                                     Roses                                                    Flower Pot          
                      Oil on board                            Oil on board                               Oil on board                                  Oil on board                             
                                           39cm x 49cm                             
29cm x 53cm                              Sold - print available


       Oceans Blues                                                 Serene 2


Serene 1
Sold - print available


     Thumbs up                                             Untitled 1               
Sold - print available                                    Oil on canvas               
                                                    41cm x 31cm x 4cm


     Valley of dreams 1                          Valley of Dreams 2                            Valley of Broken Dreams 
Oil on textured board                         Oil on pastel paper                            Oil on textured board
70cm x 80cm                                   39cm x 49cm                                      70cm x 80cm  


Splash 2 - Oil on canvas - Sold

dancing in the                       Eve Adam what if                   Valley of Dreams_3
    Oil on Board                          Oil on Board                          oil pastel on paper   


  Lighten up its just homework                            three little friends at the park
   Oil on canvas                                                   Oil on canvas
   93cm x 90cm                                                   94cm x 90cm


Starburst 1                                                  Polo Tournament                                                       Abstract

Serene 3 
Oil on Canvas


           Sunset 1                                            Sunset 2                                  Valley of Broken Dreams 2
                                                                 Oil on Board                                  Oil on textured board
                                                                              demo                               Sold Print available 70cm x 80cm

Oil on canvas
52cm x 42cm