Nisha Chadha

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Nisha Chadha Textile artist

Commissions accepted, demonstrations/presentations, residencies, workshops, work with children/schools and special needs groups.

Contact details   email: here  Telephone: 07780546 312

I am a textile artist based in London. 

I studied my first degree at Central St. Martins (Textile design) and went on to do my masters at the Royal College of Art (Knit/Printed textiles). 

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing work or would like a quotation for other work.


 Banana seller                                        Trafalgar Square                                          Taj Mahal          
   Cambodia                                                London                                                     India               


Miniature  Textiles 2012


Shivalyingdown                                                  Womb     


Show side view      

Whilst I was studying for my degree I went to India to investigate some of the textile design methods which I have drawn upon and incorporated into a more contemporary style of work. My Indian background and heritage have influenced my work and and I find myself being naturally drawn towards Indian themes such as the fantastic Indian mythology stories and the wonderful array of characters that feature in them.

              Aspara Dancer                    Cambodia Temple             

Since leaving college I have taken part in numerous exhibitions (national and international) where I have shown knitted, printed multi-media, felt, photography and canvas work. 

Alongside exhibiting I was lecturing at East Berkshire College for the past thirteen years as part of the Textile Fashion team.

I have completed many commissions and have taken up numerous artist in residences/ workshops jobs. At present I find work becoming very photographic, especially after my recent travels to Egypt, Rome, Bangkok, Singapore, Cambodia in Summer 2005. Where strangely enough I was drawn towards the Cambodian Wall Carvings at Angokar Wat where my beloved mythological friends adorn the temple walls!

Cambodia boat people                      Cambodia cycles                         


Camel Egypt