Carla Hedstrand

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Carla Hedstrand artist and illustrator

Through all of my exploration of various media, watercolour consistently
fascinates me.
My art expresses my joy in the world around us, in the landscapes around us
and in a passion for colour.
I have been exhibiting my work for over 10 years.  My drawings and paintings
are represented in private collections around the globe.
I am always happy to undertake commissions.

I also demonstrate and run workshops in perspective drawing.

Contact details   

email:   here                

Tel:  07766 704192

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing work or would like a quotation for other work.


           Firewheel                            Burnham Beeches                      Wildflowers and Apple Trees
 Acrylic on canvas                             Pastel                                        Mixed Media   
       24" x 30"                                12.5" x 18.5"                                 14" x 18" unframed
                                                                                                  25" x 29" framed 


Lago di Como                       Portraits M. V. Leunen                            Garden    
            Acrylic                                       Acrylic                                       Acrylic              
  16" x 20"                                     24" x 36"                                    28" x 36" 


Commissioned Portrait


Musée D'Orsay, Paris
13" x18"