Richard Wilde

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Richard Wilde Painter

I am an artist who enjoys both the exacting nature of pencil work and the looseness and expressiveness of oil paints. Though I have gained a reputation as a portrait artist, I enjoy working from all aspects life. My commissions are usually carried out from photographs as people rarely have time to sit for a portrait. For this reason, I work mainly work mainly from photographs supplied by the client or taken by myself. The connection between artist and sitter is important, as both are expressed in the final work. In this respect, artist and subject share a unique experience.

Commissions accepted

Contact details   

email:  here                

Tel: 01895 622428            mobile: 07841 477296

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing work or would like a quotation for other work.

Doctor Bird                                          Oliaf                                      Self portrait
Pencil on paper - 2006                        Oil on canvas - 2007                     Oil on canvas - 2007

Oil on canvas - 2005

Sue's boys
Pastel on paper - 2006

Lucas and family
  (Oil on board)

Waiting                                                       Tim
  (Oil on board)                                           (Oil on board)

  (oil on board)

Vartan                                                 Vartan                                                Vartan
(pencil on paper)                                    (oil on board)                                       (oil on board) 

(pencil on paper)



Driving Ambition

India Travels 1