Elizabeth Hardman

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Elizabeth Hardman  Painter, photographer, printmaker and mixed media artist

My work engages with both the body and the landscape. I like to photograph the overlooked and fragmentary, decaying and abandoned structures, and then abstract from these to make an image that is edgy, ironic or ambiguous.

Having grown up in a declining northern industrial town, I am drawn to the urban landscape and its return to nature. I am attracted by pattern and texture in the processes of decay, but this is not enough. The work must have an emotional content.

My engagement with the human body has often been focussed on the body of the doll. This has an immense emotional significance for me and the doll will often force itself into my practice as if demanding to be noticed. these aspects of my work are most personal.


Commissions accepted, tutoring, workshops and work with children/schools

Contact details   

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Tel: 01895 632774

Body in the Landscape: Collographic print and collage.
size 44cm x 20 cm. 2013


Paddle Wheel with Daisies: transfer print, paint, collage
 size 45cm x 33 cm. 2013


Cliff-Mine: media: collographic print and collage
 size 20cm x 19cm. 2013


Columbine, Is It You?
Transfer print, acrylic painting and printing
 size 35cmx 28cm. 2013


Plants dreaming: media acrylic paint
size 30cm x 20cm. 2012