Captain Colourblind

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Captain Colourblind  Surrealist Artist    

       The alter ego of Captain Colourblind

Types of work: Designer, Illustrator, Graphic artist, Painter, Mixed media artist.

Commissions accepted, work with special needs groups.

Paintings -Sculptures - fashion accessories or whatever it may be, I always try to be unique - relevant, non-offensive and controversial. I do however work which some may find upsetting. My breast shaped handbag and my table phallic lamp were both designed to generate awareness of breast and testicular cancers. I enjoy creating awareness campaigns. The RSPCA, NHS, Harefield Hospital, Road Safety Uxbridge, Children's Society, NOTRAG, Crime Prevention Uxbridge, CND Uxbridge, Pavillion Shopping Centre Uxbridge and BBC TV have adopted my work. If "different" is what you are searching for then I might be able to help.

Contact details   

email: here                 

Tel: 0208 5613603 mobile 07876 527678 

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing work or would like a quotation for other work.

My book "Fag Art" (ISBN -13: 978-1508858935) features cartoons of my cigarette campaign images and recently published "Transparent Blinkers" (ISBN-13 9781516841516) has work from many of my campaigns. Both are now available on Amazon.


Royalties from sale of these books are being donated to the Harlington Hospice. Please support them by purchasing if you can.

Available on also available on in the USA and Europe


Aeroplanes and abortions - Both are killers


50 quid








Cyclists, no turns left!












Unusual clocks





Probably the most unusual handbag in the world 






















Unusual business cards